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Supreme London SS16 Opening – Editorial

First drop of the season. We shot the lot.

There aren’t many more eagerly anticipated events on the streetwear calendar than when the Supreme store reopens and the Spring/Summer collection drops. So we thought we would head down to our local London branch, buy every single piece, and shoot the whole lot. Supposedly, we ran up the biggest receipt they had seen in-store, but it was worth it.

Take a look at how The Basement wears the Supreme Spring/Summer 2016 collection. What’s the strongest look? What pieces do you want to cop? Let us know in the comments below.

Pink Arc


Hannah Motion


Supreme Tee


Couple Goals




Sufs looking moist

Roll thafe Basement Fam.

Roll Thafe




Pink ting

Dear Gosha, if you would like to feature the yung G below in any upcoming campaigns, lookbooks or shows, please email for more information.



Milo Mondrian






Harv Camo



No bikes were stolen before, during, or after this shoot.

Tape Seam




Harvey LS


Frew Gun tee

Mothers, lock up your daughters, it ain’t safe.

Tayler nekkid


Supreme Sports Shirt


Frew Anorak


Bugzy Sherpa


Crew neck

If Oscar Wilde was alive 2016 and about that Supreme life.

Rory Wilde


Yoel Leopard


Camo Ting


Camp Cap


Black Cardigan


Brandon hooded


We had to finish off with a family portrait. Big thanks to all who took part in our shoot. Look out for more like this coming soon.

Family photo

Photos by Paolo Cimarra.