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Supreme London SS16 Opening – On Foot At The Camp

From heat to beat, it was all on show.

While the focus at a camp before a Supreme drop is clearly clothing, there is also a lot to be seen looking towards the floor. The variety of footwear on show at the Supreme drop was impressive. From beat Vans, to the hypest heat, it was all out. Whether it was advisable to wear £500+ kicks overnight in the streets of Soho in the pissing rain is open for debate. But it did mean there was a decent selection to shoot in the morning.

Here’s a snapshot of what London wore on foot to the Supreme Spring/Summer opening.

On Foot - Sup AF1


On Foot - WTFieg


On Foot - Foams


On Foot - Cement


On Foot - Vans


On Foot - Golfwang


Sup Flyknits


On Foot - Palidas


On Foot - UB


On Foot - Sup Js


On Foot - Sup GTs


On Foot - FP Squads


On Foot - OG NEON


On Foot - CDG Cons

Photos by Shezi Manezi.