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Supreme Summer Tees 2.0

Roses are red, violets are blue, end of the season but no bogo for you!

For the last drop of Spring/Summer 16, today Supreme launched a small collection of new items including the Gonz Butterfly Basketball in white (a pricey £88) and 3 new Supreme box logo glitter stickers in og red, blue and black.

Also dropping this week in numerous colours and featuring some new graphics were a range of  tees including the ‘famous’ (infamous) Spin logo we have seen countless times this year, alongside some vests for summer to keep everyone stocked up for the long wait until FW16.

As a follow up to the Abstract summer towels from last week, Supreme dropped the camp caps with the same pattern and colourways with the same summer vibe.

There have been feelings of great anticipation for a box logo tee this season, with rumours spreading about a Mendini box logo with the same design as the decks that dropped in the first week. Pictures of supposed designs were leaking all over Supreme account sources on Instagram and Twitter, leading people to believe there was indeed going to be a box logo tee release before the end of SS16. As a result of this hype many fans were disappointed when there was no sign of them this morning, despite being allegedly confirmed on Wednesday night.

Written by Hannah A.
Pictures by Shezimanezi