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Supreme x Levi’s – Launch

Live Love Levi’s

Today wasn’t your average Supreme drop, 11 o’clock on a Thursday. Today was a rare occurrence of sunshine and warm weather in England. Today’s drop was a sweet melody of floral-patterned denim, mixed with a wide range of sunglasses, ranging from your cute pink Factory model, to the deep roots of the sought after Moda range, finishing off in style with the Drifters, almost straight out of Top Gun. It is no surprise they all went like hot cakes.

As always we shot the main components of the drop, with the Levi’s collaboration being the centre-piece. Personally I’d wear the whole set to a festival reminiscent of Woodstock or Glastonbury; but Bugsy managed to look fly from the get go in the middle of Soho. Fashion baby.

People’s opinions of today’s drop seemed to be very split – florals, pastel colours and butterflies, you either hate it or you love it. I love it. But the presence of Zulu caps and hooded baseball shirts displays why I love Supreme, there’s something for everyone. My personal favourite from today’s drop was the navy floral jeans; they look daunting, but for me it’s all about taking chances. I’ll wear mine with a white t-shirt tucked in and Birkenstocks, while I’m enjoying my skinny latte on the terrace, knowing my parents look at me questioning what happened with their son.

Enough rambling, check out the pictures, wear florals and stunt on your parents.

Over and out.

Words by Magnus

Photos by Shezi