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Supreme x The North Face PT2

I’m in too steep…

It’s the first time Supreme has collaborated with The North Face to design both t-shirts and sweatshirts, needless to say I am not disappointed. The quality of the sweatshirts were surprisingly high, in spite of the low price point in comparison to Supreme’s own sweatshirts.

This capsule appealed more to the engineering-studying-Supreme-fan than any other, featuring angles straight out of my C2 Maths exam. As always, collaborations are one of the main things people love to hate, they usually evoke bad memories of getting cartjacked or resorting to paying resell. And as always, it all sold out immediately, apart from the red colourways. Personally I would argue red is dead, I’ve burrowed it at home with my all red Pharell Williams superstars. Yeah I had a pair of those.

This was arguably one of the less interesting drops throughout the season, but for once I didn’t mind too much. Being able to sleep in until 9, get to the store around 11 or so, and still get what you want is relieving. I just wanted a pin. Betty Boop still going strong.

A big surprise for me was the ‘you’re dead’ t-shirt, although featuring very loud patterns it turned out alright, and I personally like the subtle macabre vibe. Enough rambling, check out the pictures and let us know in the comments which colour of the t-shirts was your favourite!

Words by @magnus_ronning
Photos by @shezimanezi