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The Basement x Crepe City – Spring 2016

It’s a kind of magic

On the April the 30th, The Basement took over ‘T5’ at Crepe City. Boasting  a bigger space than before, we had an obligation to fill it; and we did just so. With the likes of Light Work clothing, HiddenLab, SCRT come through and show love, it was bound to be a good day. Alongside the brands, we also had the private sellers come down and bless us with their heat; Red Octobers to Parra AM1, Box logos to first camo, they turned up in style. Aside from clothing, we also had Reuben Dangoor and his Roadman vs Fine art exhibition installed in our room; it was only fitting considering everyone loves Skepta. And to accompany all this? We had our very own Harteblanche with a half hour turn up set in between Helena Star and Cowlick sounds (shout out to both).

But rather than myself ramble on, best bet is to check out this video by @Stayhvngry.

@Defectcox for the image.