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The Uniform

Releasing midday 25.12.2016.

Music by A2′

The Uniform.

We’ve officially levelled up. On the 25th of December 2016 at 12pm you’ll be able to cop a Basement Tracksuit. The tracksuit is one of the defining streetwear staples. Almost everyone owns one. Whether you wear one every day, or just when you’re trying to get cosy, everyone can appreciate a good tracksuit. With that in mind, we had to make a tracksuit we can all appreciate. For the first time, it’s cut and sew. This isn’t any lightweight, shit after one wash cotton. The materials we used for this drop are mad. They will remind you of some of your best loved garms, from your most loved brands. Loopback. Nice thick ribbing and cuffs. Naughty detailing. No fuck-abouts. Coming in 3 colour ways; black, grey and white, get the bots ready, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. No preorders. At all.

25/12/16 – 12pm. Merry Christmas, Fam.

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