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What’s on our feet – The best from The Basement

There was a heatwave over the weekend. 

Cover photo by @tobiegeorge

Footwear is an integral part of fashion. From the rarest, most expensive and most hyped all the way through to beaten Vans on their last legs, what someone has on their feet can say a lot about their style choices. But more than that, it can even give you an insight into the person themselves, from what music they might listen to through what paintings they might hang on their wall.

As a collective of almost fifty thousand people, it’s probably not a surprise that the footwear choices found in The Basement are very varied. It was hard, but from hundreds of entries, we’ve picked a few of our favourites that showcase the diversity found on foot in The Basement over the weekend.

Many thanks to those that provided entries. If yours didn’t get showcased this week, do not worry. We will be providing an insight into the on foot world of The Basement each week, so keep dropping those #WOMFT (What’s On My Feet Today) shots into the community and using the hashtag #BasementApproved for your chance to feature next week.

So lets take a look…

Not surprisingly, Vans make frequent appearances in The Basement.

@leewalters - Vans

@treewalters - Vans


@mrmontgomeryman - Vans


@jaybeezishangintough - Gosha Vans


Chuck Taylor’s were a popular choice as well.

@_twopence - Converse


Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy.

@emmalouowen94 - Yeezy Moonrocks


@wxsteman - Yeezys

@bapteezyy featuring Aubrey – Photo by @wxsteman

@edizinsta - Yeezy 2 RO


There was a whole heap of Air Max heat on show.

@hectorhuser - AM1 Jewel Crumble

Crumbling Jewels from @hectorhuser

@samcohen1995 - Nike ID AM90


@glackster - AM97s

King @glackster

@crayfish8 - AM90 Infra


From the Air Max family, the favourite in The Basement seemed to be the Air Max 95.

@jones_photo - AM95s


@alex.ropes by @user.named - 95s@alex.ropes – Photo by @user.named

@ayyhaych - BRS 95s@ayyhaych

There’s a fair bit of love for Jordans in The Basement. - Jordan

@kaydeff - Jordan 1s


@casperbrazi - Jordans


@tommycorlito - Sup J's


@JNGNT - Sup J's Camo


From classic Adidas silhouttes to the newest around, it was all on show.

@mighty_bouche - Photo by @shezimanezi

@mighty_bouche – Photo by @shezimanezi

@darthbarms - HAL EQT


@theandrewcarpenter - NMD


The Asics, New Balance and Saucony heat that came out was serious.

@rago__ - Asics Hanon


@wonkycoma - Asics Nice Kicks@wonkycoma



@jamescharleton - NB Solebox


@willholmes94 - FP Saucy@willholmes94

@carmichaelgram - Saucony Kushwackers


@juicegee - Flyknits

The award for the cleanest shot has to go to @juicegee for the banger above. - AF1 Flyknits

And the award for the craziest shot, hands down, has to go to for this one. Madness.