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Introducing : Rushy

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“This That Tripiddy Trap Rap”

I can’t lie, there isn’t a story to backdate with this one. Rushy really came out of nowhere with a bang. 

Infectious flows and relatable punchlines, “Trippidy Trap” his debut video, was always due to clean up the roads. With a blistering live presence, Rushy is definitely going to continue the progress this year. With a great team of friends and advisors behind him, he really is the golden boy of Hayes, West London.

Recording “Trippidy Trap” in 2017, Rushy is now coming into himself as an artist and understanding what pockets he fills, I’m in the studio with him a lot and he gets tighter and tighter with every session. 2020 is going to be an a mad one for Rushy and the Straight3 G’s.

Rushy by Olivia Jank

Who is Rushy in your own words?

I’m a member of Straight3,  a collective from West London. I’m 20 Years Old, I’ve been making music since 2016 on Soundcloud and yeah, I just came out with my debut video this year.

Okay so where are your parents from?

My Mum’s from Iraq and my Dad’s from Barbados, so yeah it’s a mad one. 

So you grew up in Hayes, where we shot the editorial.  What was it like growing up there?

Hayes man, it’s like any other area to be honest, it’s got it’s bad bits it’s good bits. You can see people doing the same old shit they’d do everywhere else but, it’s calm still. I moved here when I was like 6 from East.

So you were born in East?

Yeah, most of my family and that are from them sides, like Walthomstow.

When was the  first time you tried to do music?

Basically, in school, obviously you had the mandem just writing bars, and taking the piss out of  eachother. In school I wasn’t really that guy, it was more like the end of year 11 or even the summer holidays. I’d be at my guys house and everyone would just be sending for eachother, I’d go away thinking I need to come back with bars like that next time, you get me.

Then, me and Roilan (Lano) clocked that we bounce off eachother hard, so we just started writing bars, I might write something and he’d use my flow a bit, and vice versa. That’s how we started learning how to do the flows really. Then we found out Romz could sing, he just started singing out of nowhere, then we just linked that all together. 

Then 2016, we made a track at our boys yard, from there, people were feeling the track, it got a decent amount of listens on Soundcloud. Especially as we were like how are people even seeing it. From there we thought fuck it, let’s start recording music. One of my boys was working on a site, randomly, the guy that he’s working with has a friend who’s a DJ and an engineer, so that’s how met up with Sean the Engineer who mixes down all of my shit. That’s when the music started sounding good, man didn’t know none of the technical shit behind the music. Man’re just there recording bars and he’s the one doing all the magic.

Rushy By Olivia Jank

So when did you meet the rest of Straight3, Romz and Roilan?

I knew Romz from when I was in Primary School, but I didn’t really know him like. I just used to see him in the ends, seen his face a couple times. I might be playing ball with my boy and he’s there kicking ball too. Realistically, It was Secondary School, we all went together, from Year 7 we were always together and we’re still close.

For you, what was that moment that you were like, rah – I can actually do this?

Even from the Soundcloud ting, we were getting like 15-20k and that was a lot to us at the time.

People was saying you need to do a video and whatever, there wasn’t really any bad energy towards us. From there we just carried on making the music. I dropped one track called “You Playin”. Then I made Trippidy Trap and obviously the mandem had Trippidy Trap in their stories and they’re playing it around people and that, that reaction was crazy, random people even. You know when you play a song around someone, they won’t really ask what it is unless it’s a banger.  

That’s how I knew it was the right track to come out with.

So that’s a Youtube beat init?

Me. I’ve BEEN doing the Youtube thing for long. I’ll be on there forever just Tryna search for a beat. I’ll find 1 beat out of 100 beats, obviously it came in handy ‘cos I found that one.

I think a lot of young artists, or even up and coming artists that just want to get it cracking, just jump on Youtube beats.

Yeah but you ‘gotta be careful with them ones, ‘cos if you haven’t bought it – you’re pissed.

I think now, even at the point you’re at with 2 tracks out, you’re clocking. It’s more about getting in the studio with producers. 

Yeah literally, I’ve linked up with HoneywoodSix, I cant lie he’s hard. He get’s the vibe of the Straight3 lot and bounces with us nicely so it just makes sense. Linked up with Nyge aswell, he’s cold obviously, everyone already knows Nyge is cold. Um, there’s a couple people I haven’t properly got in there with but, Sammo beats, who done “T ’n’ Biscuits”. 5ive Beatz (done loads of stuff for Nyge) Flyo, Suspect’s producer. Big Zee, he’s not that known but he’s hard still, he’s done a track for Wstrn, loads of Lancey’s stuff. Elevated Beats, loads man. 

So Trippidy Trap did a million views in just under 2 months, you’ve done loads of shows off the back off it and being playing a bag of unreleased music. What for you,  has been the craziest show you’ve done so far.

Okay, so the maddest show I’ve done so far is probably the M Huncho one man, like the reaction. That was the only one I’ve done to like a big big crowd, especially as they know who I am now, you get me. Before I was coming out and people don’t really know who I am. Now everyone’s enjoying it. Or the KOKO party, that was wavey. 

Do the mandem play an important role in the music actually getting out there if that makes sense?

Not gonna lie, if it wasn’t for Roilan and RomyJo (Romz) most of my music wouldn’t even be made. If it wasn’t through my friends bringing in links, like studios, showing us who to do videos with. If I didn’t have all of that, I don’t know how It would have came out in the beginning, you never know… Trippidy Trap might never have even been made. Even when I write my bars, sometimes I need to be alone, I’ll wake up, try vibes to a beat. Sometimes I just need that couple man there to let me bounce of them, even the ones that don’t spit bars ha! They help me the most!

Rushy From Olivia Jank

Romz even does the backing vocals for a lot of your tracks, which is interesting. 

Nearly every track, you can hear Romz in the background, he’s got the melodies – he hits the notes I cant hit – you know them ones there!

These tracks, people aren’t really ready man. I recorded Trippidy and Hi!Bye! In 2017, these are just old tracks that I love, that I need to get out. When the ones start coming with the producers and that, they’ll really start hearing the Straight3 sound.

Outside of Straight3, is there any artists you want to work with?

I fuck with M Huncho, I fucks with Nafe Smallz, Chip, I fuck with him. Octavian’s hard, he’s a different vibe, there’s a few hard people man but I think it’s a future ‘ting for me. There’s a couple American artists I’d like to work and build stuff with. Like, not even the bait ones man, there’s some young artists. Like Smooky MarGielaa, I think he’s hard. If I could get a feature with him, I’d do that. There’s loads of American artists man, but mainly just my lot bro. They’re my vibe.

What’s next for Rush?

Me personally, I know but I don’t know! You know them ones! I’ve got so many tunes that I need to sit and decide what I’m gonna do with. But expect a feature from one of the other Straight3 members that’s a plan. Definitely a feature with Nyge coming soon.

And finally, where do you want to be by New Years?

I just wanna be in a place where I think, yeah I can do this. People are taking me in, let’s go. 

Me, I’m just tryna release so many videos, and get rid of all these tracks I’m sitting on that I dunno what to do with.

Rushy By Olivia Jank

Photography by Olivia Jank

Styled by Morgan Hall

Produced by Morgan Lockwood – James