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Member Spotlight – Jack Hedges

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“Gucci slide drama is definitely up there”.

Jack Hedges, also known as Hedex, is a 21 year old Drum and Bass DJ/Producer from Cambridgeshire, UK, signed to Dubz Audio. From finding his preffered DAW age 16 to now, Hedex has played countless shows in and around europe, as-well-as tours in Australia and the US.


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So how did you get into music production and DJ’ing?

It’s the most cliché story but; my friend came round and showed me Fruity Loops when I was 15/16 and I was honestly blown away that I could do what my idols were doing but from the comfort of my bedroom. DJ-wise it came with being a producer, people just started to book me to hear my sound rather than my actual ability on the decks and it went from there.


Invaderz %28Gent%2C Belgium%29 (1)


How was your first live performance?

If I remember correctly my first show was in Antwerp, Belgium to about 700 people back in March 2013. I gained some connections through networking on SoundCloud who happened to know a promoter and it just went from there. If I’m honest, I didn’t pitch any tracks and only played stuff I knew was 175BPM (which if you were a DJ you’d understand how mad this is). It was also the first proper time I’d physically mixed in front of people.




What do you have lined up for summer?

Loads of shows and festivals really. From now until the end of summer you can find me in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and loads more – it’s looking to be a little bit crazy.


Univerz Festival %28Izegem%2C Belgium%29


Is there a crossover within your industry and your passion for streetwear?

Not really, I was shown The Basement when I was looking for graphic designers to make art and logos for me but clothing wise, streetwear doesn’t really appear much in the drum and bass scene. The most I’ve seen is the occasional Supreme hat or Stüssy shirt, a lot of people’s trainer games are strong though.




What has been your favourite Basement moment so far?

The Gucci Slides drama has definitely got to be up there.


Invaderz VS Skankers %28Brugge%2C Belgium%29


What does the Basement mean to you?

To be honest, it has styled me in a sense of what I wear and what clothes I like but also it is way bigger than just clothes. I’ve met some really chilled people through The Basement who have been not only safe but also helped me in my career (s/o Tobie, Diffin & Alex) and I’m sure I’ll meet loads more.


Let It Roll %28Prague%2C Czech Republic%29


What is next for you?

I’m trying to do to loads, not just related to music. I’m currently working on new designs for my merchandise which should be coming out in the next couple of months… maybe we’ll see a Basement X Hedex collab? Music-wise I have got loads on the go and I’m really, really proud of what I’m creating currently so I can definitely say a new project is on the horizon.



You can check Jack out here.