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Nothing Great About Britain

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I try hard to define what it means to be British these days but the truth is, that for the younger generation, there isn’t much.

Sure, most of us have access to a solid system to ensure we can be healthy, educated and entrepreneurial, but I do feel lost when it comes to British tendencies. Maybe I just don’t realise it. Maybe because I grew up with internet and a fascination for other cultures and language that I am lost.

Slowthai by Jake Hartwell

Or maybe it is because this government is ruined and through personal greed and goals, cannot work together and create a better solution for our future. The education system is in tatters and the support systems for young people is broken. But we have to make do of our own situation, if anything, it’s forcing people to take there own lives into there hands and doing what they can to have a say and better their futures. Thai’s just one example of the many people I see doing just that.

Slowthai by Jake Hartwell

Today, Friday the 17th of May 2019, we are graced with his debut album, Nothing Great About Britain.

A raw, honest and beautiful record that has come straight from the heart. I will let those who are more qualified to review the album as this isn’t about the album. This is about celebrating the progression over the past few years that Thai has been part of the family.

Do you know why he’s liked? Because he’s himself. It’s rare you get to be yourself and make a career out of it. In an industry full of smoke and mirrors, Thai is shining through.

Slowthai by Jake Hartwell

Congratulations T on behalf of all of the Basement.

Nothing Great About Britain is out now, stream it below.