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On Tour With: Sainté

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The Basement goes city hopping with the not so "Local MVP"

Linking up with tour manager Sammy Bluetooth to give you guys an insight into life on the road with Saintè, The Basement went tour-bus-tier-behind-the-scenes on the UK leg of Sainté’s tour.

After catapulting onto the scene during the pandemic, it’s clear at the shows that his listeners are relishing the opportunity to appreciate his music on a new level.

This was the official tour for the Leicster-based artist’s latest EP, Vacation, but of course the setlist was extensive to make up for time and tour dates lost to the pandemic. Performing his projects Out Of The Blue, Local MVP, and Vacation in their entirety, Saintè’s shows are meticulously crafted – to say the least.

Take a look at the tour through Sammy’s eyes and hear what he had to say about the stops along the way.

On Tour With Sainte - The Basement - Sainté in the crowd with fans


“Great start. Felt like a finale. Love Ireland.”
On Tour With Sainte - The Basement - Sainte backstage holding mic
On Tour With Sainte - The Basement - Tour team getting off plane


“The Glasgow venue was fire. Energy unreal. Top 3 stops.”
On Tour With Sainte - The Basement - Sainté performing for the crowd


“Leicester had lots of moving parts, but we made it and it was fucking awesome.”


“Lit. Like, really lit. So much love for Leeds.”


“Brum brung it. The set design was really shining and the set made me proud.”


“Manny is Manny. It went off off and Nemzzz shelled. Big up to that man.”



“Like another hometown show. So much love and Village Underground is a landmark so it was an honour for all of us.”


“Props to Bristol. They know.”


“Brighton was one of those where we had to stop the show and tell people to step back. Good problems.”

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