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Slowthai’s Circus Tour – The Underworld London

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Thai needs no introduction, no schwam about where he’s from or what he’s done. If you don’t know Thai, you’ve been living under a rock.

Last night, Thai gave London a reason for the youth to visit Camden for his Circus Tour. The show held in the notorious venue the Underworld, known more for punk and metal than rappers from the midlands, sold out on the first day of release.

This was his biggest headline show to date. When I got on stage and saw how many people were inside I thought “rah, this is going to be mad”. I didn’t even sweat that much when I did a 10k run back last year. The atmosphere was insane. BuckBetty provided a warm up set to get the blood running followed by Thai’s partner in crime Kwes. It hit 9pm and Thai entered the stage area and, refusing to settle for an orthodox entrance, he got into a body bag and was then transported to the stage by Kwes over his shoulder. With the crowd erupting, Thai jumped out the bag and does what he does best.

Towards the middle of the show, a droplet of sweat landed on the side of my neck and I looked up to see the entire ceiling wet with the perspiration of a crowd genuinely having the time of their lives. I hate seeing half arsed mosh’s so the fact that I received a swift headbutt when I made my way into the crowd confirmed to me that this was the real deal. The dynamic between Kwes and Thai on stage is one that is unrivalled. The pure energy that is created at every show is one that brings the hairs up on the back of my neck.

Half way through the show, God save the Queen is blasted through the speakers and our beautiful national anthem is sung. Shortly followed by “Fuck the Queen”. A testament to the system that holds us down. Not Thai though. Thai is creating his own yellow brick road somewhere in between punk and rap, paving every stone as he goes along himself.

The future is bright and the Basement always have your back. Even if its covered in gallons of sweat.












Words: Jake Hartwell

Photos: Cosmo Webber