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Slowthai’s ‘I Wish I Knew’ Headline Show

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Yes, Thai’s first headline show consisted of him tearing up a church in central London

Northampton’s finest slowthai, took the ‘stage’ last night for his first ever headline show at St Pancras Old Church; I’ll go out there and be the first to say that since being built at some point in the 7th century, the church has never felt an atmosphere like it did last night.

Thai’s “I WISH I KNEW” (available through Bonesoda) is a six track EP that expresses his ‘no fucks given’ attitude, and a desire for a lifestyle of comfort for himself and those around him. Consider it an audible middle finger to the fake culture and industry many of us find our selves having to wade through.

Apart from really enjoying his lyricism and ability to depict his stories, Thai is just a fucking good human being; he knows whats up and he knows how to treat people, something that seems to be harder to find now days.

There is something about being surrounded by good people celebrating the success of an individual that gives you a warm tingle in your chest. When you see someone doing something they love so effortlessly and watching their personality flood out onto the stage, it’s nothing short of amazing. More Love to Thai and the team.

You can check out some more of the photos on my site here.

Words and photos by Jake Hartwell