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Tiffany Calver + Friends

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Last Saturday night we saw the return of Tiffany Calver + Friends to London for the first time since March. It was her final show of the series that has helped shape modern London Night-Life and it did not disappoint. Comfortably filling a 1,000 person capacity warehouse in the heart of East London with a line-up packed full of huge artists, DJs and surprise guests celebrating the success of the series. Grime and jungle legend D Double E passed through for the biggest set of the night, supported by the Murkleman Jammer himself as a surprise guest. We also saw fresh talent and energy in the form of Knucks and A2, who Suspect later joined to perform ‘Flair’ followed by his own set performing bangers such as FBG.

Photos by:

Morgan James, Liv Jank, Cosmo Webber