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Track Breakdown: Mac Wetha ‘Cloud Paint’

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Breaking down each track on his new EP 'Cloud Paint', London-based artist Mac Wetha demonstrates the latest chapter in his constant evolution.

Having made a name for himself with his 2019 debut album Mac Wetha & Friends, a raw yet slick lesson in how to collaborate while maintaining an overbearing musical identity on a project, and his consistent work with west London collective Nine8, the last few years have been a story of consistent evolution for London-based producer Mac Wetha. 

Having provided a sonic platform from which some of the most exciting names in the industry — from Aminé (who’s lyric on the song in question, “beat so cold it made Aminé want to open up” is testament to the young Londoner’s abilities) to Lava La Rue to Biig Piig — have been able to express themselves, his new EP, ‘Cloud Paint’, shifts the focus back onto himself. Eclectic as ever, the EP sees Mac look inwards, experimenting both thematically and with sounds, his production at times hitting certain intensities that have perhaps not yet been seen in his discography so far. 

With a bulging network of collaborators and an ear that has served him incredibly so far, it’s anyone’s guess where Mac Wetha will go next. Sophomore album perhaps? Who knows. One thing that is for sure, though, is that you’ll be bopping to these tunes throughout the summer.

So, without further ado, in his own words: Mac Wetha.


“‘Checkpoint’ was always gonna be the first track on this EP; the Mac Wetha type beat intro transposing into a more pop-punky sound with upfront vocals is a nice example of the kind of transition I’m trying to make as an artist. Although I do still make lots of beats :P”

Left Unsaid

“Wrote this unusually quickly with my bro Jacob Bugden who produced the track, it’s one of the few angry tunes I’ve made as Mac Wedda!”

Dani Song

Cloud Paint would not be what it is without my dude Dan Holloway, who produced, co-wrote and executive produced on the record. This was our first song together, and it just felt right writing with him 🙂 I don’t really do many sessions as a singer but working with Dan helped me focus more on lyrics and melodies, he pushed the best takes out of me too for sure. This whole writing experience really reminded me of the value in working collaboratively ; obviously I have been hugely collaborative in the past (and present) as a producer and member of NiNE8 Collective, but I’m fairly new to this ‘forward facing’ artist junk, so I’m kinda re-learning a lot of stuff. Oh yeah and ‘Dani Song’ is about my girlfriend Dani haha !!!!!!!!”

Feel Better

“Essentially a mantra for me; a way for me to find happiness in my everyday. As I’m sure many of you do, I tend to overthink stuff a lot, and I find it helps to write stuff down or devote a song to ideas and thoughts I want to hold on to and try and live by.”

Pelican Freestyle

“I bet ya wondering where the title came from… well I’m not telling ya 😛 Nah, there’s this video of a fisherman giving a pelican a hug, I strongly recommend it. ‘Pelican’ sums up the project for me, it’s a big mix of all the genres we’re taking inspiration from, another very introspective one.”

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