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Track Breakdown: King Promise ‘5 Star’

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In his own words, Ghanaian artist King Promise breaks down his highly-anticipated new album, ‘5 Star’, for The Basement.

Following a series of much-hyped singles, Ghanaian musical royalty King Promise has dropped his new project ‘5 Star’, his first project since 2019’s acclaimed ‘As Promised’.

The album is a tapestry of Ghanaian culture, interwoven with some of King Promise’s favourite sounds from around the world. Boasting a rich and versatile array of international features — from Chance the Rapper to Vic Mensa to Omah Lay — the artist simultaneously remains true to his Ghanaian roots, the album equipped with features from the likes of Hilife Music icon Bisa Kdei, and centred around his surrounding community and culture as well as delving more into personal introspection.

The Ghanaian diaspora is also called upon, the likes of Headie One and Dutch-Ghanaian rapper Frenna providing an exciting spark and bridging the gap between the multiple worlds and environments King Promise and his project occupy both sonically and thematically.

All in all, this is a vibrant, pulsating body of work that is sure to be looked back on as a real moment, both in Ghana and beyond.

The Basement linked up with Kind Promise in Accra where he talked us through the project, track by track.


“Very unplanned. We were in my apartment watching football while I made this. I had just met the producer Gideonite, and we were still trying to connect sound-wise. This began our brotherhood. Crazy record. Just talking about random real stuff in my life.”

Put You On

“I find the beat to this song grown and sexy, and it’s exactly the vibes I put on it. I wrote it picturing what Rick Ross would say if he was the one singing on it. Exotic vibes.”

Toes (feat. Omah Lay)

“My team calls this the bragging record, ‘cos of what the chorus says. It’s some real shit though. We bad like that. Had to let them know, and my bro Stanley (Omah Lay) caught the perfect vibe for it when he came down to Ghana. Funny thing is, we played around with the record so much just trying to make sure it was perfect and finally in summer 21’ we finished it in London.”

Ring My Line (feat. Headie One)

“This song is one of the realest I ever wrote. It’s a BIG record, and linking with Headie on this one was only right. Two Ghanaians making the motherland proud globally. Did it for the culture & made a bop!”

How Dare You

“This song is a special one. I wrote this song during lockdown. I had a lot of time on my hands to think about life and everything that mattered to me, and I wrote exactly how I felt at that point in my love life. A topsy-turvy period mixed with a lot of realisation.”

Yaa Asantewaa (feat. Frenna)

“Yaa Asantewaa is a legend in Ghanaian history. She led the Ashanti Warriors to war, and won. On this record, I’m telling the girl she’s the baddest just like Yaa Asantewaa. Got my brother Frenna on this too.”

Slow Down

“This song is special to me and sounds like nothing out there. A blend of Afrobeats & RnB.”


“I’ve always wanted to make music with Jae5 . I think he’s one of the hardest ever, but imagine making a love song with a producer like him. Kind of the exact opposite. That made it fun as hell. This was recorded in-between Ghana and London, coupled with a lot of mixed emotions.”

Do Not Disturb

“Baby-making music for the grown and sexy.”

CHOPLIFE (feat. Patoranking)

“A feel good song. I’m always looking to bring people happiness with my music, and getting them on their feet to dance and forget their problems – even if for a short while. ‘Choplife’ carries that message: more money & Enjoyment.”

Bad n Rude (feat. WSTRN)

“I love WSTRN, so it was big vibes connecting with the guys. We made something special, bringing our cultures together on this song.”


“This one came out from a conversation I had with Jae5. I was in London for the longest period I had ever been anywhere outside Ghana, and I just had so much running in my head – from friends to family, and even to those who don’t like me and how my brain overthinks the journey some days. [Jae 5] went and put together a team and had them write about how I felt. I was honestly surprised when I heard the song. It’s basically the first song I’ve ever had someone write for me, and it connected so perfectly with my mind state. Wrote the second verse and the rest is history.”

Carry Me Go (feat. Bisa Kdei)

“When I heard this beat, it took me back to my high school days, listening to Hilife music after school in my dad’s boutique where he used to sell second-hand clothes. It still managed to give me a new school vibe though, something I’d love to listen to on a long drive . I’m a big fan of Bisa Kdei, and he was the only one that came to mind when I was thinking it needed a feature. Absolute Hilife legend, and he shows why on the record.”


“I tried to paint the picture of a Ghanaian love story on this one. This is one of the first songs I made that set the pace for the album. Killbeatz brought the idea to life. One of my favorite songs I ever made.”

Run To You (feat. Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa)

“This song was made out of great vibes. Vic & Chance were in Ghana, we linked and made this amazing song at my home studio together with the full squad getting lit off  tequila. I call it tequila music, haha.”

Kweku Yeboah