Our first guest playlist is presented by the infamous Chndy.

As an insight into his daily journey, we will ask each of our guest selectors to answer the same series of questions.


What makes Dubai different from any place on earth?

Firstly I don’t consider myself Dubai based, I travel and live within the gulf region mainly 

Oman,Saudi Arabia and Dubai and I believe this region has a lot more to offer to us and the world

Where do you go for comfort food?

Amongst Few Cafe (Dubai), Mishkaki Chips (Oman), Mabroook (Riyadh)

What spot in the city do you never get tired of visiting?

Serkal Avenue in Dubai, it’s my go to place

Where do you go when you want to find peace and tranquility?

a 4hour drive from Dubai to Muscat (Oman)

What five items do you always keep with you?

1 Iphone

2 laptop mainly to work on the go

3 any point and shoot camera either my contax g2 or yashica t4

4 a shabab tote bag… and that’s it.


Listen to Chndy’s playlist below;