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Basement Sports Presents Basketball

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Basement basketball touches down chalk farm. We headed down to Haverstock School to hold our first basketball session since BaseJam. After everyone had a couple hoops under their belts, we chose captains and we got straight to it.

Jessey and Wilson by Sam Pemberton

After a strong 5 minutes Paolo reached the limit of his fitness and took up the role of @Champangepapi on the side line, sadly his team weren’t enough as they were dispatched by the pink team.

Coaches player: Diana Voynova
Players player: Rochelle Mackenzie – Spooner
Best Lay up: Buffulo Security

Saade and Adam by Sam Pemberton

The whites bounced back winning a couple games, and losing a couple more. Everyone showed energy as we set down our road to the NBA. With people attending from our Monday night football sessions, we want to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable trying a new sport. whether you’ve never played or an ex pro, If you fancy shooting some hoops with us, follow this link to sign up for our next session.

Paulo and team by Sam Pemberton