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City Slam 2021

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This weekend, The Basement was invited to attend the first ever ‘City Slam’ tennis tournament. Hosted by our close friends Patta alongside Ellesse, the ‘City Slam’ tournament brought together young people to compete for a one year tennis scholarship to keep training towards their aims of becoming the best tennis players in the world.

Throughout recent years, the UK tennis scene has suffered from a decline in the number of players for a variety of reasons. From inaccessibility to equipment and coaching, to financial boundaries, tennis has been a sport that many simply cannot get into.

With players hailing from all walks of life, there were no boundaries here – tennis should be accessible for everyone and that’s exactly what ‘City Slam’ is all about. The partnership between Patta and Ellesse is aimed at making tennis a sport for many, not a few, and tearing down the barriers stopping it from being so; a sentiment that we can fully get behind.

Kitted out in Ellesse tennis kits, the tournament saw aspiring young players aged 13-16 showcasing their talent with some inspiring performances. At such a young age the raw talent these players displayed was phenomenal. With bright futures ahead of them, we’re sure we’ll be seeing some of them again at Wimbledon in a few years time.

Adding some additional flair to the day, comedian Munya Chawawa and music artist Big Zuu hosted the event and even took part in their own tennis match, reminding us all that they should stick to their day job.

The day concluded with an awards ceremony where our two winners were presented with their trophies to commemorate their outstanding performance and scholarships secured.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more sporting events and initiatives from Patta and Ellesse later this year.