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Locals Only

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Locals Only (no affiliation to RJ)

I recently received a message from an old friend who is living in Swansea, saying he’s putting together a book documenting the skate scene in the city, titled ‘Locals Only’. He invited myself and fellow photographer and friend, Scott Pattenden, to cover the photography side of things.

We decided to make the most of our trip and spent two days in Snowdonia (insert link to other article) before heading south.

We arrived early Saturday morning, and with skaters having a super relaxed attitude to live up to only 3 of the 10 confirmed locals turned up. Neither the absences nor the freezing cold held us back though and we headed to out to shoot.

We were shown around a few of the local spots by the guys, these included car park roofs, various ledges and banks around the city and a couple of derelict spaces littered with used needles (watch VICE’S ‘Teenage Heroin Epedemic’ to get the idea).

Check out the shots below to get a feel of our day and keep your eyes peeled for when the book lands.

Photos and words by Elliot Jones