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The Basement’s return to eSports

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This weekend marked the return of The Basement’s FIFA tournament. Our admins have been working hard the past few months (failing) to hit Elite in Weekend League, but with Team of the Season in full swing, we thought there was no better time to resume.

Focussing on Ultimate Team only, 16 PlayStation and 8 XBOX entrants (pick it up XBOX folk) battled it out over Saturday and Sunday for the grand prize of 4600 FIFA Points.  

See the rundown of the tournament below, including match highlights and matchups.

Our next tournament weekend is May 29th-30th, so please keep an eye out if you’d like to play.

PS Round 1:

Ilkan Cavus v DNF; Ilkan won by DNF


Jenson Jones v Jai Kang; Jenson won 3-2


Yassien Abdi v Gurpal Singh; Yassien won 2-1


Adam Bartlett v Harry Bishop; Harry won 4-2 (somehow, not salty at all)


Jordan Sahota v Danyel Singh Baliana; Jordan won 4-1 (Danyel didn’t submit his team)


Alosha Veremey v El Frappo; Alosha won 2-1


Rohan Chohan v Robby Boora; Robby won 4-2


Karim Haidar v Charlie Lock; Karim won by DNF


Some SURPRISE results in the first round, if I do say so myself, but it shows how at this stage in FIFA, it’s not always the better team that wins. Previous winners Ilkan and Jordan had comfortable first rounds, with familiar names crashing out to first-time entrants.

XB Round 1:

Corey Davidson v DNF; Corey won by DNF


Ferg Hand v Carlos Orellana; Ferg won 10-0… For some reason, Carlos didn’t submit his team.


Ben Cooke v Josh Chadwick in what was dubbed the CCFUT-off; Josh won by DNF after Ben couldn’t make it. Disgrace to the club.


Zakaria Goandal v Adam Chandler; Adam won 2-0


PS Round 2:

Ilkan v Jenson; Ilkan won 3-0

Yassien v Harry; Harry won 3-2

Jordan v Alosha; Jordan won 5-3

Robby v Karim, Robby won 3-2

And that commenced Saturday’s action, with it all set up for the Semis and Finals on Sunday. 


XB Semi-Final 1: Corey v Ferg; Ferg won 9-7 (2-legged)

XB Semi-Final 2: Josh v Adam; Adam won 4-0 (2-legged)

PS Semi-Final 1: Ilkan v Harry; Ilkan won 9-1

PS Semi-Final 2: Jordan v Robby, Jordan won 6-5

And now for the main event(s)… The finals.
With 4600 FIFA Points up for grabs, the pressure was on. Ferg, Ilkan and Jordan had all been in this position before – each having won a previous Basement Tournament, and joining them was the newcomer, Adam. Four very good teams.

XB Final: Ferg v Adam; Adam won 4-3

PS Final: Ilkan v Jordan; Ilkan won 1-0 after a Stoke City-like performance from Jordan.

Congratulations to our two winners, Ilkan and Adam, who both won 4600 FIFA Points. You will be pleased to read that over the combined 9200FP, there was only one ‘walk-out’, the 85 rated TOTS Keeper from the Super Lig TOTS, Bayindir, fetching a whopping 14,000 coins for Adam.

Due to pack-opening/FIFA point rules in Belguim, Ilkan couldn’t redeem the winning code, so we reimbursed him with the value and I, Adam Bartlett, the first-round-exiter, opened the 4.6K FP on his behalf and got no walk-outs, and no-one of real value.

Thank you to all of our entrants, and we look forward to seeing more of you playing in two weeks time for the next tournament.

XB Semi-Final 1

XB Semi-Final 2

XB Final

PS Semi-Final 1

PS Semi-Final 2

PS Final