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Basement BTS: Pigalle at PFW

Paul Fogiel heads behind the scenes to capture the filming of Pigalle’s Paris Fashion Week presentation and the party that followed for The Basement.

Last Saturday, Parisien label Pigalle unveiled their FW22 collection, ‘Jazz+’, at Paris Fashion Week. Not known for following the rules, founder and creative director Stéphane Ashpool directed a Jazz-packed video to showcase the vibrant new collection, presenting next season’s drip in the environment he designed for.

Speaking on the upcoming drop, Pigalle said,  “The Jazz+ collection is a mix of mood, style and attitude, and therefore cannot be limited to a single expression.” In true Pigalle style, the afterparty for the presentation was properly Parisien; the city’s love affair with jazz carrying from the daytime presentation long into the night.

Shot by Paul Fogiel, check out the day-to-night photo series exclusively for BasementApproved.

The Presentation
The Afterparty

Paul Fogiel